Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just a quickie for my weigh-in. I am happy with the numbers, though I was hoping to drop down into 165. Still, doing better:

Current Weight: 166.0
Weight Lost: 1.6

Had a productive grocery trip yesterday and got a LOT of fruits and veggies, bran cereal, etc. Tried to keep everything we purchased to high fiber foods. Yesterday I only got my fiber to 19 grams, but I kept fat to 10 grams and calories to 1001. Not that I plan on keeping my calories that low, that's just how yesterday went. For dinner I had one serving of chicken teriyaki with rice skillet meal (1/2 cup) and a strawberry smoothie made with frozen, unsweetened strawberries and water (it was yummy!). I wasn't hungry after that so I didn't eat anything else.

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