Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am sitting down (aside from while working) for the first time today. My parents are coming to visit tomorrow, so it's been running errands and cleaning house all evening/night. Plus, to give me more free time while they're visiting as they're only here until Sunday, I've been trying to cram as much work in as possible this week. I'm TIRED! Its 11 pm and I just want to stay prone for 12 hours at least.

I didn't do my second workout today because of being so busy, but I did my noon-time workout DVD, this time the Pilates DVD. I love that one, I feel so loose and relaxed afterward. Not to mention I can now really feel the changes going on in my body as I become stronger and in better shape.

I don't know why, but I decided to calculate how many miles I would have to walk to burn off the equivalent of 48 pounds (how much I need to lose to get to the outside of my ideal weight) times 3500 calories. It turns out, I need to walk 55,968 miles to burn 48 pounds off. That's a lot of miles!!! If I do three miles per day, which is generally what I complete, times 5 days per week, it will take me 3731 weeks to walk off my 48 pounds if I don't restrict calories at all. WOW!! That's a long, long time. Over 70 years in fact. That's crazy!! So I guess I won't be merely walking off my poundage in this lifetime :P.

Anyway, off to read my book in bed. I wonder how many calories I burned cleaning tonight...


  1. Could it be your period?

    Try drinking more water and try drinking some vegetable juice like V-8. Try spacing out your eating: eat a bit less at meals, but have more healthy snacks.

    Do NOT stay hungry. Eventually, you'll crack. Feeling hungry is not a sign of "goodness".

  2. Getting lots of sleep is a good idea too.