Thursday, April 9, 2009


I knew today's weigh-in wasn't going to be good after the past week. I have been tracking my calories using my diet journal and the WW points, so I knew I ate an extra 2 days' worth of calories. And I had a lot of non or low-nutritional, high-fat foods or desserts. That said, here are my numbers:

Current Weight: 167.6
Weight Lost: 0
Weight Gained: +1.4

I could consider it a step back and be really upset, but I've decided to consider that although I had to work really hard to get to 166.2 last week, if I hadn't gotten that low my gain this week would have pur me a lot closer to back at 170. And I know I can lose the 1.4 again. I have to remember that ups and downs are part of the process and BE PATIENT.

The good thing is that I feel a lot stronger for all the working out I've been doing. And I've noticed that I have very little back pain these days. I'm doing good overall. This last week was just a normal hiccup in any weight loss journey.

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