Monday, April 6, 2009


After a couple days of not exercising and then a complete breakdown in my diet yesterday and the day before, I turned things around today with jogging 20 minutes straight! I'm very pleased about myself. Once I was able to jog 15 minutes straight, but haven't been able to do that again. Today, I got on the treadmill and told myself I would do 20 minutes no matter what. It was so hard; I had a painful stitch the last 5 minutes and my legs were burning like crazy. I was dripping sweat and breathing like my lungs were going to callapse. But, I did it and I'm very happy with myself.

Today I've eaten:

1 cup coffee w/ 1% milk and 2 tsp sugar
1 cup strawberries
Lean Cuisine meal
roasted veggies and light sour cream
3 glasses of water so far

I will make a potato and low-fat cheese later tonight.

Hoping between today and whatever workout I do tomorrow, I can reverse the damage of the last few days and at least not have a gain for a week.

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