Thursday, April 2, 2009

Moving On

I made some new goals for myself, one of which is to exercise for 100 days consecutively (minus 5 as needed). I am on Day 10. Just 90 days to go. I figure meeting this goal will definitely cement the exercise habit. I am counting exercise as at the minimum a 20 minute walk. Most days I am still doing my exercise DVD's. Today I did Yoga Burn, which is like a combo yoga and aerobics. It is a killer, but kinda refreshing too.

We have decided to let the babysitter go since we're really struggling financially at the moment. We've not had her this week and I've managed to work enough each day that I only need to work 2 hours tomorrow to complete my hours for the week.

We also had to cancel my plans for spring break, which is the week after next. I was going to go visit my family for a few days but we just can't afford the fuel for me to get there and back, as well as missing a day or 2 of work. I'm really bummed about that because it means I'll have to wait until June to visit.

Other than all that, everything continues along pretty well. I was eating a packet of mini-donuts from the kids' school snacks and after two I decided I had better figure out how many points the package was. When I realized the entire packet of 4 was 7 points, I stopped at the 2 and ate the remaining 2 for b-fast instead. I was rather proud of my control. I've been doing pretty well staying pretty close to my points budget.

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