Thursday, February 26, 2009

1000 Calorie Burn!

I went to the gym today (yay me!) and 10 minutes into my eliptical workout I decided I was going to stay at the gym until I'd racked up 1000 calories burned on the various cardio machines. Crazy? Definitely. And there were moments that I didn't think I would make it, but I did it! Every time I felt like giving up on the idea, I thought of those BL contestents and how they push through the pain and discomfort to go the final mile. I could do that!

I spent over 3 hours at the gym, but I burned my 1000 calories! This consisted of:

30 mins eliptical
15 mins stepper (which always really kicks my butt)
60 mins stationary bike
50 mins treadmill

Between each cardio machine, I also did stretches, sit-ups and upper body weight-lifting, for which I added 40 calories burned to my total. I actually ended up burning 1010 calories. I was SO sore walking out and I had a horrific headache. I'd also run out of water near the last hour of my workout and my mouth was like paste. I'd also had an embarrassing moment on the treadmill, which was the machine I worked on last before leaving.

I'd been walking along at a moderate pace, listening to an audio book I'd downloaded onto my ipod this morning. As always happens after a long workout, the ear phones kept slipping out from all the sweat (gross, I know) and I had to keep pushing them back in. Well, I accidentally yanked on the headphone cord when I'd gone to adjust the ear piece and pulled the ipod off the ledge of the machine. It hit the treadmill and went flying behind me. In my sudden panic to save my ipod (I don't know what I imagined was going to happen to it), I couldn't think to jump onto the sides off the moving belt. I stabbed at the STOP button a few times but of course it isn't instantaneous. At the same time, I was turning around to check where my ipod was. I ended up being moved down the belt toward the end of the belt and finally just popped off the end. Fortunately, I managed to keep my balance and not fall on my arse. But, I looked up and the people on the machines behind me were looking at me funny and a guy asked if I was okay. I was too embarrassed to even answer and just got back on the now stopped machine. Ironically, I couldn't get the darned thing started again for the longest time and I could feel the weight of the exercisers' gazes behind me. I felt sure they were having a laugh, but I didn't turn around to check. Fortunately, this was the very end of my workout and I only had to do another 10 mins before I could go. I think I'll practice jumping off and on the treadmill with the one in the garage until I automatically just step up onto the sides rather than careening around like a mad person and dropping off the back like a faux stunt woman.

I feel quite okay now except for a slight lingering headache. I did eat a lot tonight (huge salad, then bowl of corn, then 2 cookies, then nectarine, then roast beef sandwich) but I expected that. I'm done eating for the night though, and will not allow myself to eat again. Its not going to work if I don't stop eating so dang much and I put way too much effort in today to sabotage it with overeating.

Tomorrow, I will just do some treadmill work to recover and then back to the gym on Tuesday. I'm very glad I got this membership :)

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  1. I tried to leave a comment on "Disappointed", but it wouldn't work.

    I have been there! Really, I feel your disappointment. Lousy scales!

    I have found that a drop on the scale comes after I've rested a day. For me anyway, I retain water after exercising a lot, so the scale is sometimes up after an active day.

    Don't be disappointed with the scales, just be proud of the excellent day you had, and keep going!