Friday, February 6, 2009

I didn't make it to the gym yesterday - I had to go to my son's school at lunchtime and worked until late playing catch-up from the day before.

But, I went today:

25 min eliptical
25 min stationary bike

I still have a lot of work, especially with the reduction in hours for everyone in the company, so I didn't stay at the gym long. But, I upped my efforts a bit and really felt wiped out once I'd finished my 50 minutes.

Its nice that I'm not sore after a workout anymore, too.

I feel I'm neglecting the strength training, but I know I'll get to that when things settle down around here and I'm doing the most important stuff at the moment anyway.

So hubby won employee of the year for last year and was given $1000 in gift cards. He decided to buy a treadmill and exercise bike because he wants to lose weight too. I feel kinda stupid for having the gym membership AND the exercise equipment at home when we are financially stretched, but at least I can now work out at home on the days when I can't get to the gym. Not that I couldn't before (a walk up and down the street isn't difficult) but having the machines here will make me more likely to use them, I think. Or not. Either way, I can now work out effectively at home or at the gym so there is NO EXCUSE to not work out. Given the amount of money we are spending on exercise at the moment, Alenn and I had better lose some weight this year!!

I have decided at the last minute to go out of town with Alenn. He was going to drive from CA to WA tonight, after work. Well, I didn't feel comfortable with that, especially considering how late it will be before he's home from work because he's a 3 hour drive away at the moment. So, I'm going with him to help drive. It's cool because he has a presentation on Tuesday in CA so he has to come home on Monday, which is my day off anyway. So, it all works out. And it will be fun to go out of town. Also, my kids' grandma lives in WA so they'll go for a visit while Alenn is working. It all works out well.

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  1. I have a gym membership and an elliptical and free weights at home! It does help when you don't have time or motivation to get to the gym.

    Have a great trip and stay safe!