Monday, February 16, 2009

Feeling Better

I felt really tired and yucky yesterday, for some reason. I had a migraine when I woke and I think the medicine made me feel really tired. Plus, I just feel generally run-down. I didn't make it to the gym and actually laid down at my lunch hour. I finally started feeling better around 4 pm and was able to do 10 min bike and 30 min treadmill after work.

This morning, at about 4:30 am, I woke with another migraine. I took my medicine again and slept through until 9:00 am. I'm supposed to be working at 8:00 am, and didn't actually get to my desk until 9:30 am. So, with the delay, I don't think I should take the 2 hours it takes to go to the gym today, again. I will, instead, work on the machines at home. I feel like it's a cop-out when I don't go to the gym for lunch. For one thing, I'm supposed to be getting out of the house every day. For another, I know I work harder at the gym. Plus, we're paying for it!

Tomorrow I will definitely go to the gym! In fact, I am going to call and book a space for Nathan in the daycare. I've had a couple days of downtime and now its time to get back to it full-force.

I have been better about my eating the past two days. The only downturn yesterday was that I had a bowl of cereal before I went to bed. For some reason, I felt especially hungry last night. And I saw that on the scale this morning. Overall, though, I have been doing much better and I anticipate a good number at my official weigh-in tomorrow. Maybe I'll do a "last chance workout" tonight. :)

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