Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feeling Friday

Actually, I feel a tired Friday today. I'm happy its the end of the week and I only have a few hours of work left, but my eyes are burning and I just want to go for a lie-down right now. At least I've already done my gym workout. I did:

20 min eliptical
12 min stair stepper (I'm slowly working my way up to 20 min)
30 min bike
5 min stretch

I wanted to do some strength training, but ran out of time as I have to be home to meet the girls coming home from school. But, it was a good workout and I'm happy with my progress. On the eliptical, I've started doing half forward and half backward. The backward is awkward, but it seems to work slightly different muscles.

I was disappointed with the numbers on the scale this morning and I need to stop jumping on it every 5 minutes. I'm back to tracking my food intake on Fitday and found I'd eaten nearly 1800 calories yesterday. I only did an easy workout on the treadmill, so I probably only burned 100 to 200 calories. Today, I'm keeping my numbers lower, but then again I burned a lot more calories. How do I determine how many calories I should be eating when I have a good workout? I don't want to eat too much, but nor do I want to eat too little. Like maybe 1800 isn't bad on a day when I work out hard for an hour.

I'm thinking of starting a specific diet again, but I don't know which one I would follow and I do have trouble following a specific diet. But, I obviously need more direction because I'm hardly losing any weight at the moment. Maybe following a specific plan will help me keep in line.

I complained to hubby and he's offered to do an added workout this evening with me. Maybe I can do some treadmill walking for a bonus workout.

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