Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Moving Forward

I didn't want to post my official weight from yesterday but it would be counter-productive if I only posted the good weights. So here are my numbers from yesterday:

Weight: 172
Weight Lost: +4

Weight Goal: 140
Difference: 32

I wasn't surprised to have a 4 pound gain, but disappointed in myself nonetheless. I also found myself wanting to continue the eating habits I had reverted to while we were gone. I had to get some groceries and managed to not buy anything that wasn't strictly nutritional and within my calorie base. Last night, after dinner, I really wanted something sweet and I would have killed for a candybar, but I managed a piece of gum instead. I had a massive salad for dinner, so I'm happy with yesterday's efforts.

I didn't make it to the gym yesterday because work was crazy and I had started late. But, I did schedule Nathan in for the daycare today. We're getting back to our routine! Plus, Alenn put together his new treadmill and I did 65 minutes on it last night.

I had a half-pound loss this morning, so that's good! I know I can get back to 168 in the next week or two and start working moving in the right direction again. I'm not going to beat myself up about the 4 pound gain because nothing good would come of it, but I do hope I can discover why I turn to eating such an unhealthy diet as soon as I can justify it. It wasn't like I was really enjoying all that junk food and high-calorie food. The eating wasn't about sustenance, I'm just not entirely sure yet what it is about and determining that, I think, will be a much bigger hurtle than any exercising I do or food I eat.

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  1. Gains happen to most of us, but it comes off soon!