Saturday, February 21, 2009

WTH was with BL?

What was with the Biggest Loser people last night?? Okay, I can see how if the ranch was your entire world and all you had to think about was working out, eating right and losing weight, you might get dramatic about some really minor stuff, like having to change trainers. But, Bob??? C'mon! Either he's totally wet or he was hamming it up for ratings. Both ways, it was pretty pathetic, IMO. I actually thought the switching teams around was a good thing, stir things up a bit and make it less team vs. team.

Onto me... I just got told off at work for not turning in a report sooner. Seriously, that kinda pisses me off cuz I'm working all hours given to my (by the company) and it was only assigned on Friday. Maybe I could have done it sooner and something else later - I can admit I may have prioritized wrong. However, the tone used by someone who is just an assistant to the manager was what really bothered me. I don't need to be spoken to as though I am a child, particularly by someone who is lower on our career ladder than I am, younger than me, and with way, way less experience. Especially when he didn't even ask the status or what I had going before telling me off. Especially when he really could have done the damn thing himself and, if we wanted to get technical, this particular assignment isn't even in my job description. ugh! I need to let it slide, but these sorts of things always bother me. I really must not dwell on it. Hopefully I can jog it away on the treadmill.

Doing well with eating, drinking water and exericising at the moment. Well, yesterday and today (so far). Yay for progress!


  1. I really thought Bob's display was over the top. It was a little awkward to watch.

    You're doing well, eating & exercising. The weight may be coming off slowly, but it's coming off!

  2. I think Bob's weeping was a bit too much. I wonder if this is why I heard they are looking for new trainers for next season? Or maybe that was just a rumor!

    Sounds like you are doing well on your journey! Congrats!