Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Week

I did really well with my exercising yesterday - I did 70 minutes on the treadmill, including jogging and 25 mins of uphill. I burned more than 500 calories, according to the machine, and I do feel a bit sore today despite drinking a gallon of water last night.

However, my eating habits are still not up to par. I went out to lunch with a friend who was visiting us for the weekend and ordered a cheeseburger. I had a brownie when I got home. I realized I had not eaten any veggies all day and so decided I would have a salad for dinner. However, my son made spaghetti for the fam and I ended up eating that instead. I mean, the tomatoes are good, of course, but I certainly didn't need to eat any more meat!

So, I am going to try to get back to eating my six servings of fruits and veggies, drinking my weight in water, and avoiding processed, sugary and high-caloric/low nutrition foods. In fact, for the next week I am going to track my food intake on my fitday. It's easy to overeat when you don't see the actual numbers. I am guessing my cheeseburger lunch was a good 1500 calories, but if I wrote everything down I had eaten yesterday I'd probably be surprised by the numbers involved. I have been knowingly eating poorly, but in a rather vague sense of "I'm not supposed to eat this" rather than with the knowledge of the full stark numbers.

So, water, water and more water, writing down what I eat and continuing my exercises and I bet I will be back under 170 by Thursday. I know I can do this, it's just a matter of actually doing it and not kidding myself.

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