Saturday, February 21, 2009

Planning for next week

I did pretty well with my eating yesterday: I stuck to my guns and only ate 3 times, each being healthy and low-cal. My only digression was to have some ice cream that hubby bought after dinner. I didn't overeat with it, though, and had had such a light dinner I felt it wouldn't destroy my efforts. I was even a little hungry about an hour later and still avoided eating anything else for the night. I had purchased some diet soda and had one of those instead and, you know, it worked! I just sipped at my fake sugary drink and was satisfied with that. I didn't even feel the need to have something salty with it, like I oftentimes would.

I did do my walk on the river trail, although I did not have time to do the entire circuit. I was disappointed with that, but it would have been dark before I'd got halfway around and I had my 6-year old so I wasn't going to risk it. We did have a very enjoyable walk, though, and the sun felt wonderful, what we got of it before it was going down.

I borrowed a "Cooking Light" cookbook from the library and plan to find a few recipes to make this week. Easy stuff cuz I know I won't have time for elaborate meals, but it will be good to cook so we don't eat out and to find something new to eat. I'll be sitting down and making my menu for the week tomorrow and try to stay within my budget when I go to the grocery store.

We were supposed to go for a bike ride as a family today, but I don't think that will happen. Alleyne was up all night with Nathan, who was waking up every hour and wasn't settling down. Alleyne finally brought Nathan to bed with us at 5am and we all slept uncomfortably together. Nathan ended up sideways and I have a neck ache from holding an awkward position so I wouldn't wake him. Alleyne is subsequently tired and irritable and I think it would be better for me to take the girls for a bike ride. I also want to go to the gym at some point today, but I may run out of time (what is it with that problem lately???) as we have a babysitter coming at 6pm so Alleyne and I can go out on a date and it's already 12pm.

Well, I can always work out in the garage. I MUST go to the gym tomorrow, though! I am already disappointed that I have not gone and we ARE paying for the privilege of me going.

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  1. Good for you for getting out and taking a walk! Good job on the eating, too.